Things that fully irk you

Update: the person I pulled has also requested an amazon voucher. Both people are in a couple together and are the organisers of this secret Santa.

I asked to lower it to £30 which was approved - but I also asked to buy gifts from independent or high street shops where possible. My mum backed this up by saying “vouchers are a bit impersonal”

The original person replied “we’re happy for impersonal over here”



Secret Santa, only you know who’s getting you a present and you’ve told them explicitly what you want.


So they’re happy to give out a mystery present but refuse to receive one…

I think you should buy them 30 worth of ‘live,laugh, love’ signs and then deny you pulled their name out


We’re also suspecting some kind of rigging. There’s only 6 of us so it’s a bit strange we as a couple got another couple and the couple requested no gifts :joy:

Maximum cash return!!!

Why did they say they’d do secret santa if they don’t want gifts? This is the weirdest secret santa. I reckon the original couple have a goft they dont want from another time still wrapped up and have arranged this as a way to offload it whilst getting some money to buy what they did want :laughing:


This is carnage.

It’s time to click on one of those absolutely wild adverts from wish and order something off-the-grid.

We’ve got a thread somewhere…

Found it - #589 by TheWza


We will be purchasing actual gifts. If they don’t like that, don’t do secret Santa shrug


Who knows!

But I will get to the bottom of it.

Now how do I hack into my brothers draw names account?!

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charity donation on their behalf, so they can’t even complain about it without coming across really badly


Im in one that was organised by some app thing and you can do wishlists. Think saying a few things you like in it would be fine but exact things of what you want is bs

I think the person i got has asked for a alexa type speaker thing as well

Make sure they are really personalised and non exchangeable


Yeah I was just thinking this reeks of “we’ve got stuff from last year to regift”

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Yeah that’s the one we use too. I put “food and drink gifts” or “gifts for the home” and also “I’m sure I will love anything you get me”. On the other family one I put “Oliver Bonas” as they all know it’s my fave shop and you essentially could close your eyes, spin around and buy the first thing you point at and I’ll go mad for it. That one works though as everyone buys gifts and puts thought into it and it’s really lovely.

I’m fine with someone saying like “wine glasses” and then you to chose wine glasses you think they’d like or would suit their home.

Putting a click through link to a £50 voucher - no thanks!

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trhat’s because in the year of our lord 2022 clearly everyone is a dickhead. Game over man, game over


This. Used to just be the slightly murdery-looking dude wasted on a train. Now it’s Lorraine from accounts, Christopher showing his friend a goal and innumerable kids playing 15 second clips of dogshit

Recently sat near someone watching a film on their laptop on a busy train with no headphones on. Mindboggling.

much more of a catpiss man, eh?

i have no idea if anyone plays anything in public out loud because I try to spend literally every second in a comforting cocoon of music on my own headphones


Would like to think that in such circumstances I’d try to identify the film, look up spoilers and ruin it for them, preferably just as i alight at my stop

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I was sat in front of someone watching the big bang theory with no headphones on the bus on Saturday.