Things that fully irk you

Also fucking job sites that time you out mid application and don’t save your progress when writing a supporting statement. Oh and they also don’t have a timer to notify you that they would do this.

Fuck job hunting.


That’s proper shite innit.

I’ve been burned in this manner too many times in the past by shitty websites.

Draft in notepad innit.

I seem to recall this was actually given as advice in the notes on the form/page for a job website I used not so long ago. At least they had the grace to admit their site was not fit for purpose.

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People videoing things off the telly for example and having to include their put on laugh/other reaction.


[quote=“TheWza, post:2016, topic:14091, full:true”]
Neighbour filling … shared wheelie bins just bunging a load of cardboard boxes into them without breaking them down at all …[/quote]

One year on. This nonsense continues. Not just one neighbour, either. :triumph:

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Someone round here chucks card/papers into the normal bins, having walked past the recycling ones to do so. Sheer fucking ignorance and fully irk inducing lads.


People leaving cheese/meat on random non refrigerator shelves in supermarkets. So wasteful.


That especially. But people who dump stuff wherever they feel are on shaky ground, imo.

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Never have my thoughts been more accurately stated

Well the clue is in their name

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Been irking me for a while this. Some earth mother types i know who keep posting about embracing your period and how great they are. I love my period. Noooooo!

I get the sentiment but i just think its really gross and shaming people, especially younger women and girls who might feel really confused about this and feel like they’re experiencing periods in an abnormal way, and god knows you don’t need that doubt during adolescence.

No! Absolutely no. It’s like they’re saying you’re not a good feminist or good woman/person who has periods if you’re not totally in love with feeling in pain/gross/bloated/sad.


That droney, nasal weird tempo voice (typically American) vlogger type people put on when narrating their TikToks/YouTube videos. It’s absolutely infuriating.


Been roped into secret Santa with my family this year. The suggested amount is £50 but it’s SUGGESTED. So if I buy a £45 gift, I don’t HAVE to buy another £5 gift to meet the limit.

My husband has pulled a name who has specified they want an Amazon gift voucher. WHAT IS THE POINT. Sit out and buy yourself a voucher no???


I guess they like choosing gifts for other people but don’t like receiving gifts that other people have chosen?

give them a gift voucher for 20 quid


I don’t think that’s the case….think they’re just going for maximum cash return

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Fair enough, what @Jamos said then

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can’t be dealing with secret santas where you ask for a gift. enjoy your ill thought out tat thanks


Got a poll for Christmas work stuff, even though I had to identify myself in the results I still took great delight in ticking “no” for a Secret Santa.

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you don’t sound irked by that at all!

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Pretend to love it and take it to the charity shop in 6 months time like normal people!!