Things that fully irk you

much more of a catpiss man, eh?

i have no idea if anyone plays anything in public out loud because I try to spend literally every second in a comforting cocoon of music on my own headphones


Would like to think that in such circumstances I’d try to identify the film, look up spoilers and ruin it for them, preferably just as i alight at my stop

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I was sat in front of someone watching the big bang theory with no headphones on the bus on Saturday.

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Videos on social media with subtitles that are wrong. Fix them or don’t bother.


I need to know the outcome of this please

Rather than arranging a convenient time for stuff like medication/asthma/etc reviews, my GP either send a text saying ‘yeah, were going to call you at any point on this date’ or, as happened today, just call unannounced then - when you miss the call - send a text saying ‘you missed your medication review’. FO,M.

first sign of warm weather = noisy power tools out everywhere


Speaking of noise…Seagulls. I live in the centre of a city, why are you here?? And more importantly why are they protected and therefore hard to remove!

Interesting stuff!

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Those new Brexity Weetabix ads.


Are they bringing back the skinheads?



websites that are like “do you want notifications???” no obviously not, fuck off


Similarly, I get this every time I open the Discovery+ app. take a fucking hint.


Automated voice recognition software instead of people in call centres. I have a very neutral voice and they’re always fucking shit at understanding what I’ve said.

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When I’m looking for something to watch on Netflix and it starts every single trailer as I scroll through.

As I type it has occurred to me that you can probably turn this off.

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You can. Would recommend


our neighbours (relatively new, moved in in february not very friendly) got a wood burning fire (?) installed in their house. it absolutely stinks. they have it on now. in may. MAY! it’s t-shirt weather. it’s making our washing stink and i am irked.

wtf is wrong with them