Things that fully irk you


People eating crisps in the cinema.


^fucking treble this


I know some people who will post the same shit on Facebook, instagram and twitter. It was barely good enough to view once we certainly don’t need to see it thrice.


Oh you’re such a quirky girl aren’t u


a mate of mine does #tbt’s to stuff that happened within the last month. really irksome.


Got someone posting shit like this.


Your reply:

If you were really enjoying your holiday, you wouldn’t be thinking about Instagram.


alright, dad


Got fully irked at work yesterday.

4.30pm meeting, I grabbed a bag of mixed sweets on the way. The meeting was me and two others so I did the decent thing and offered up a sweet to my co-meetees.

1 person declined, but the other - someone I already fucking hate - took one and took one of the two white chocolate mice. I fucking love white chocolate mice, they’re my favourite. Irked.



for the last 2 years my wife has informed me that the early bank holiday in August is an English one, and I’ve believed her without verifying. Feel like I’ve lost a holiday :cry:


Banished to the netherworld


TBF, the second one is your mistake for not taking the other white chocolate mouse immediately.


My thoughts exactly.


Listening to the Scott Walker proms thing and the fucking audience keeps doing that thing of trying to be the first to start applauding as soon as they know what song it is: “Yes, everyone. I know this one. I know it and I appreciate it. I probably appreciate it more than you, actually”.


I was talking, doing my job :frowning:


You grab the mouse and stick it in front of you for when you’re finished.


Shouldn’t have to, Theo!

I wasn’t offering a second one. The bag was in front of me, opening facing me, but she reached across the table to help herself.

She’s in the wrong here and she must be punished.


Was it any good?


If you can get past the irksome audience it’s pretty good, yeah!


It’s definitely out of order. I just think you don’t give your office Nemesis that much leeway.