Things that fully irk you


But Theo…the next mouse won’t be quite so sweet.

mwahahahaha etc.


I do not get this reference, sorry.


No reference. I just meant he might be lulling them into a false sense of security, then poisoning the next one.

It’s bleak.


I’m realising this is opening old wounds. My friend and I were in the pub eating our dinner which comes with a shared side of veg and a side of roast potatoes, amazing. Another friend joins us half way, doesn’t order any food, just a drink and the friend I’m having the meal with says “oh, help yourself to some roast potatoes if you like” which in itself is totally outrageous, I didn’t want to share them, you NEVER share roast potatoes, get your own but whatever… I think to myself “he’s not a dickhead, he’ll probably just have one or two”… you know how this ends… he continues to quickly devour ALL the roast potatoes. :japanese_ogre: All of them!! This was 10 years ago. Never forget. Never forgive. I still sometimes ask my friend “remember that time so and so ate all the roast potatoes? raging” … ahem.


Over used phrases by celebrity chefs. “You can get it in all the supermarkets now”. Especially old shows when it is something you can probably now get in your local corner shop. “Ask your butcher”, not everyone has one you smug prick. Talking about “cheaper cuts” that aren’t cheap any more because celebrity chefs made them popular. Telling people to save all their crusts to wazz up into breadcrumbs, There are so many I don’t know why I bother watching.


Bad customer service

Was in Primark yesterday (work trousers) and the cashier genuinely did not say one word to me cause she was yapping with a colleague and then just pushed the bag to me. I was properly fuming


I always hate it when people applaud at the beginning of the song, no matter where or when.


I find ‘happy birthday’ is the oddest time for this.


haha i have to do this at work a bit, hate it but i’m surprised at how few people object (tbf i try to give them an idea of what it’s about before i get to security)


Been intermittently remembering this and getting angry about it for the past three hours.




I quite enjoy this. Feels weird when it goes unacknowledged.


my immediate neighbours are fine but there’s a weird street beside/behind us and from my room i can often hear people being incredibly loud. heard some people properly screaming at each other the other day, and in the summer in the early evening i always hear some mum shouting for her kid to come in by just going “STACEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY.” a few times at the top of her (really annoying) voice.

also surprisingly often get people just standing around in the alley between my street and theirs, just having full on conversations in an alley way directly below my bedroom window. such odd people.


on the other hand i massively massively hate bus stop queues that take up the whole fucking pavement and make it a nightmare to get past them


When you’re wandering about on your phone browsing the web on 4g and it tries to latch on to some shithouse open bt wifi and the internet stops working for ages stupid pricks


i use a bus company’s wifi on long journeys but it means every time one of their buses drives past me in the street my phone tries to connect to it


actually the WORST bit about phones connecting to random shithouse wifi is that i end up just turning wifi off to stop it happening and forget to turn it on until i’ve been back home for a couple of hours watching loads of youtube videos and using up all my data


Yes! My phone has pretty dodgy signal and I’ve spent evenings unplugging and rebooting my modem forgetting that I’d had to switch my WiFi off earlier in the day


@Aggpass and @Icarus-Smicarus

sorry lads but… you don’t turn off wi-fi every time you leave the house and turn it on every time you get back?

it’ll save you battery

i do remember aaaaaaaaaaages @plasticniki saying she had an app that would make her phone do this AUTOMATICALLY! …but i never got round to finding out what it was or downloading it (or possibly i downloaded it and couldn’t get it to do what i wanted)


nah, got free wifi at work now too. can’t be arsed switching it on and off (and i forget to turn it back on)