Things that fully irk you


Tidal notifying you every time jay-z breathes


Eric trying to enjoy his day but constantly wary of tidal notifications


Had 1400 to sift through when I went in from a week off this morning, in case you’re interested.


What did I JUST say?


Last night I went to a comedy show and was sat next to a woman who would not stop laughing VERY loudly at EVERY. SINGLE. TINY. THING. I realise I was at a comedy show, people are meant to do such things, y’know… they’re having fun n all that… but oh my god, I’ve never been so close to chucking my pint over someones head in my life. She was sobbing, grunting, bending over in agony with laughter. I could barely hear what the guy was saying because she would HA HA, at every word. Even at the bits that weren’t particularly funny! Those moments were more for a mild smirk, not full on rip roaring guffaws. It’s not like I was annoyed at her laugh, it wasn’t bad at all, it was quite pleasant… it was just relentless. I wondered if I was just being a joyless fool but I checked, no one else around us was laughing that hard. At points I considered trying to compete with her with volume but quickly put the thought aside because that would fully make me a lunatic. Soooo instead I sat there, quietly seething.

I feel like such a bitch :exploding_head:


Was the comedian quoting Shakespeare or something?


I have no idea what he was saying, I was too busy mentally pouring my pint over some poor womans head.


Hard to do that and look totally balanced, tbf.


I know… :sob:


About 40% of the time I put my shopping on the little conveyer belt, the person in front hasn’t put the divider down. It’s a busy shop in the middle of the day. There really will be someone else behind you.


It really is the sort of thing your grandma would have a moan about, but I’m definitely with you on that.


I don’t get how people get irked by this, just leave a space. They’re not accidentally going to start taking your shopping!


They might!!!


Hey! Those are my DryNites!


Nah, bollocks. It’s the job of the person behind.


There’s a guy at work who makes it exceptionally difficult to do my job. At first I thought that this behaviour was just how things were in this kind of role and I did my best to change how I work to accommodate him.

I’m now working with a different team as well as his and turns out, no, it’s just him - the new team are a dream to work with by comparison. Actually screamed in frustration at an email from him this morning. Good thing I’m wfh.


Mate, you’re just sat opposite a mirror


That explains all this sexual tension.


just checked my deleted items. 576.


When you buy a toothpaste and it turns out to have a screw lid instead of a flip lid. FFS Oral B do I look like I’m made of time??