Things that fully irk you



Can’t like this enough. (post, not feed).


Yup. Twenty first century - No excuse for this. I had to buy toothpaste in America last year - All screw tops. No wonder that country is going down the toilet.


This has to be DiS’ favourite video.


^has never had to knock on wood


You could set up a second account and like it again.

Late next February maybe?


This sounds highly irritating, but I was at a show where there was one very distinctive laugher and they ended up making everything better. Was laughing at their laughter more than I was at the jokes sometimes. So it can go both ways.

So it is.


Haha yeah, totally. I was in a very bad mood… I feel a bit bad for posting it now.


Hope North Korea wins.


It seems deeply shit.


Sky News on in the canteen.

The newsreader was pronouncing ‘Guam’ to rhyme with ‘wham’.

Wham, bam, thank you Guam!


I went to a Sheeps show where someone did the same thing, as in laughed uproariously at every part. Maybe they just really enjoy abstract comedy but given that there were sections of the show which weren’t actually meant to be funny it seemed a bit random.


I have no idea how you are meant to pronounce it actually. I would have rhymed it with wham, too.


Think it’s goo-arm




Gw-arm, innit?


depends where you’re from surely


Websites that jump around when you’re trying to click something.

Why does this still happen in 2017?


Why yes it is. and it’s notifying me on my phone every sodding hour of every sodding day. The fact that it’s well meaning just makes it worse :cry:


It’s only really the House of Pain website tbf.