Things that fully irk you


Honestly, I have no idea how anyone can stand phone notifications from apps like Twitter and FB. First thing I shut down every time I had an app running. Would send me mental.




The solitary Theo like was damning enough.


i laughed at it but i’ve come straight here after looking through that whole michael owen thread so


It was useful for running the Football club feed until that particular account started, particularly since Twitter’s “mentions” feed is now near unreadable thanks to including likes and retweets of things you didn’t post yourself.


Mark those tweets as “I don’t like this” and it stops doing it.


Interesting… I’ve never found “I don’t like this”, “show me less of this” and so on to do anything. Might give it a go.


Not quite getting what you mean here? Isn’t the whole point of a RT to allow people you follow to show you things you don’t follow?

The appearance of other people’s likes is irritating, though.


No - Twitter itself now notifies you on your own mentions feed when someone likes or RTs something your account was mentioned in, rather than just stuff you posted yourself, making that feed useless unless filtered through an app. This and the tendency of said account to both @FootballClub in everything and go off on 20 tweet discussion threads with others on the relative merits about whether dogs should be allowed into non-league football grounds, or the relative merits of another club spending £30k a week on their wage bill is making it quite irksome.


I was in the pub last night and went to the bar to get another round (consider that there are about 5 people max in the pub at this point).

I ask for a glass of wine for my friend and whilst he’s pouring it I have a gander at the decent beer selection because I don’t know what I want.

When he turns back round I ask for this IPA or some bollocks and he sighs and rolls his eyes and says something about it being a really lively beer and it’ll take a while for him to pour it and I should’ve asked for that first.

I said I’ll have something else if it’s too much effort, hardly a big deal is it, and he rolled his eyes again.



I’m not sure why but one of my new clients has been emailing me the specs for something he wants me to develop.

He simply signs his emails “Best”.
I’m not sure why this is irrationally irking me.
Do you sign off emails with “Best”?


And you just know that he’d have rolled his eyes if you’d waited to work out what you wanted before ordering everything in one go.


Get what you mean now.

Frustratingly I’m sure they had a setting I saw to stop being notified about people RTing things you RT’d but I can’t see it at all :frowning:


It seemed to be his modus operandi.

His mate behind the bar actually poured the beer (which was very nice tbf) whilst I was paying in about 30 seconds flat which was truly enjoyable even if that’s completely petty.


hate this, but not as much as “BW”. like, just set up a signature that says “Best wishes” if you want to say it but cant be arsed


[quote=“1101010”] The appearance of other people’s likes is irritating, though.

Fully agreed. It’s so annoying. Is there any free app which you can manage Twitter through that blocks this stuff out I wonder?

EDIT: How the fuck did that quote get messed up so badly?



My daughters (4 and 6) are staying with my parents tonight. It’s the first time they have both been away from home overnight, and therefore Mrs McAwesome and I are feeling quite delicate about it.

After approx six hours, they have managed to lose my younger daughter’s comforter, which she has had since she was born. She will be distraught, and will continue to be so for (I imagine) some time.

I cannot express how unreasonably furious I am.


UberSocial doesn’t show them, and it keeps its timeline 100% chronological, too.


Going to give this a try.