Things that fully irk you


Will give this a try if this^^^ doesn’t work.


I can also recommend Tweetlogix as this doesn’t do any of this silly bollocks either.


Nah. I disagree.

The convention I have always used, and thought was best was this. The person in front puts their stuff on and puts the divider down. The reason being, it’s much easier for them, as the person behind is often, if not always further away and has to lean over/sometimes just can’t reach. Especially when there aren’t many divider things.

I mean, you can leave a space and grab the thing when ready…but to my mind, it’s not so much the not doing it. It kind of makes me think it’s indicative of general selfishness. ‘I’m OK, everyone else can fuck off’ if that makes sense. It’s literally zero effort to put your own stuff on and put the divider down afterwards, and just makes everything easier, and indicates you might consider others too.

Anyway. I might be overthinking it. :wink:


I would normally place the divider after my shopping.


My American colleague signs her emails off “All best” .

Too good for the definite article are you?


I also put the divider down after my shopping. Just common courtesy, isn’t it?


Thanks. For a while I thought it was just me and someone’s nan.


putting down the divider is the reponsibility of

  • the person in front
  • the person behind
  • genuinely no opinion

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  • Dividers aren’t necessary
  • Society is only three dividers away from anarchy
  • idgaf m8

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everything’s ‘tapas’ these days isn’t? going out for a small bite to eat - tapas. I was invited for tapas once and the place turned out to be turkish.



I forego this archaic practice by putting a full big shop trolley’s worth through the self serve.


And packing it all after paying, yes?


What irks me is when the divider is too far away so you put your stuff on the belt leaving a nice big gap but then the person in front realises so quickly slams down a divider in case somehow your food gets magically put through with theirs.


Of course! Jenga that shit up in the bagging area.


Its incredibly rare I go to a big supermarket but I was given a specific item to pick up and went to ASDA at the weekend. I put the divider behind mine, and was so irked when they didnt do the same for the next person, did it for THEM as well!

Walking the 4.5 miles to ASDA did have the benefit of seeing a gate with a dark angels symbol in them too


mate wtf is this picture


Er… does one of you guys work at YouGov?


Hope whoever lives there is just WFH in their power armour


computer, enhance!


(the gates have the dark angel symbol on them from Warhammer)


ubersocial is a pain in the balls though

you can’t read replies to tweets, or couldn’t read the original tweet a reply was made to or something. I binned it after 10 minutes