Things that fully irk you


The former. You can read an original tweet easily. I usually just tap the timestamp and it opens the whole thread if I want to see subsequent replies.

It’s worth it for the chronological timeline, imho.


i genuinely zoomed in and couldnt find it


i had to look on google to find out what it was

going to be fully irked if i end up on some kind of register now


too late, youve been added to my “Known 40K dorks” spreadsheet


wow, i thought enhancing only worked in the movies!


would love a gif of the big picture, zooming in… then going from grainy to clear :slight_smile:


i know blade runner is the classic but this is my favourite one


imagine thinking this!!!1


:joy: proper hi-res footage


S’fine, I’ve done a full 180° on it. #seenthelight


which cuisines are we allowing to use tapas? i went to a ‘mexican tapas’ place the other day and it was just… mexican food. a quesadilla isn’t tapas, mates.



this is my favourite


just Spanish food.




no other hispanic countries though?


I’ve never been to south america, but to my knowledge, there’s not a big culture of bar hopping and eating free little plates of food that have often been specifically created for that purpose.


pintxos are allowed


whilst we’re on food irks, ‘sliders’ can fuck right off.


FREE?! holy cow