Things that fully irk you


Included in the price of your drinks. (Not every bar serves them for ‘free’, though it is very common.)


sounds great, if only I liked the sun


well, they used to be, but not anymore since there were RUINED by British appropriation/the economy collapsing.

actually, I lie, you can still expect to be served a free plate of sunflower seeds, crisps, or olives with a beer in most spanish bars.


what even is a slider



Every pub I went to in Madrid last week gave us at least crisps with beers, some gave us those little toast things with ham or whatever on too! I absolutely loved it! Free food!


‘happy hour’ in Sevilla invovles unlimited glasses of sangria for free at many bars.

fuck it, why aren’t we all living in Spain?!


too much sunshine and people having fun for me


Sitting outside a bar in Madrid with Spanish friends last summer, the barman came back out after bringing our drinks and placed an umbrella in the table and positioned it so I was in the shade. He turned back towards the door saying, “English, eh?”



Rainy facism island 'til I die.


Yeah there’s no such thing as South American tapas, it’s just one of those British fusion things innit. Irking.


I guess it’s because there’s no English word for tapas?


snack? bite-to-eat? appetizer?

fucks sake.


Nah, call them small plates or something.

Like profk said, there’s no culture of having a beer and a couple of nibbles in most of South America apart from the Europeanised bits.


English tapas = vol-au-vents & cheese and pineapple hedgehogs.


Er… No, thanks.



I’ve had personal dealings with them. They were quite vile for no good reason. Sold out a gig at the 100 Club and suddenly believed their own hype.




I think they’re quite good, sucks they were dicks