Things that fully irk you


My boss starts almost every response to me with “Yeah no…”.

Kill me.


Still going… How to save a file onto a shared server, in 4 Acts.


I once sold about £200 worth of stuff to a guy who emailed me beforehand and asked if postage was combined, yeah sure, I said. Then when he won he asked if I had any more rare out of print stuff. Said yeah and I planned to put it on in a few weeks. He asked me to hold onto it and send everything together if he won that stuff to save postage. He essentially wanted to save £3.90 to not receive his stuff indefinitely, wtf.


2 of my colleagues are humblebragging about how many unread emails they have in their inbox. what’s wrong with people.


I have 0, hth.


It sounds like something an Australian would say.

Is he Australian?


She is not, no. English.


Wow. Your question turned out to be both racist and sexist.


When people try to open the door to the loo at work when it’s clearly locked. Always so aggressive with the handle too. No I won’t disappear the more emphatic you are with the handle.



A random member of the public has found the comforter and contacted me through FB this afternoon.

Irking fully replaced by delight :slight_smile:


An internet (twitter) thing that really irks me is when people do stuff like ‘What Hogwarts house would Donald Trump be in?’ Just relating everything in real life to fucking Harry Potter (and I like Harry Potter).



So glad I told my boss yesterday I wasn’t interested in managing people. He was like yeah, it’s a pain in the arse.




Yeah, it can be - generally it’s not too bad, my DRs are generally pretty easy to manage. Just on the odd occasion when I ask them to use initiative, that’s where they come up short.



How did they track you down? Good news though


There’s a special place in hell for people who skip tracks halfway through at house parties.


A prick at my wedding kept skipping songs in our playlist.

She wasn’t even invited. Ben was invited, and he RSVPd for the two of them.

Fuck that. The marriage was always destined to fail.


Yeah I don’t remember writing this. Must’ve been livid on saturday night :grimacing:


Even worse at karaoke when people are singing.