Things that fully irk you


Just pull the plug on all those cunts from the off m9.


My neighbour reckons her car has a dodgy handbrake. She took it to Mini today who told her that yes, the brakes are dodgy and need to be repaired as soon as possible (Tuesday - but they have let her keep driving it until then despite that).

Her space is on a pretty steep slope in the car park, but rather than swapping spaces with me (because mine is on the flat) or y’know, parking her defective car on the street, I’ve ended up parking mine on the street* because she ‘doesn’t want to damage it’ but is apparently perfectly fine with her car potentially ending up in her bedroom because it’s parked on a fucking slope with iffy brakes.

*I can’t be bothered arguing over it because it seems pretty clear I’ll just be banging my head against a wall.


Eek, me and my friends almost went up to ask the DJ to put on some Dr Dre at the last wedding we were at until we realised it was their playlist he was supervising. It was all a bit too tasteful. No one was dancing but yeah, bad form skipping the bride and grooms playlist!!!

  • I’m going to the carnival tomorrow
  • I’m going to carnival tomorrow

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Trying to clean the inside of my car windscreen.

Started getting mucky the last few days so went over it with glass cleaner yesterday. It’s about a million times worse now. Just gave it another go and it’s not getting any better. Full on irked now.

State of this ffs:


My phone battery. The phone’s three years old now so due replacing, but the bastarding battery’s forcing me to get a new one much earlier than I’d like.

Unplug it in the morning: immediate 5% drop.
Looks like it’s on 45% Surprise! Two minutes later it’s dead.
Plug it in to charge when flat, the screen shows 66% capacity.

Fully fully irked.


the only thing I really dislike about Germany is the number of people who have spent far too much money on a fast car and so they feel like they have the right to race around the city like they own that too.


You could just buy a new battery? Probably costs about a tenner.


yeah three years for a smart phone battery isn’t that bad either…




i’m quite amazed that the internet doesn’t seem to care about this, guess everyone is pirating it anyway


This is most definitely true. But it’s an iPhone so replacing the battery is a massive pain in the arse.


Get a glass micro fibre cloth, damp with bit of spray PERFECTO


That’s what I tried! The smearing just won’t budge. I cleaned it a few months ago, exactly the same process with no issues :confused:


I feel like this applies to old Blighty too. Idiot small penis dickheads be idiot small penis dickheads.


i’ve witnessed people authoritatively discussing which house they are, as if they actually went to Hogwarts. baffling stuff.


Typical Slitherin comment.


Not going to get into Ravenclaw with spelling like that.