Things that fully irk you


Despite being a big fan of Harry Potter, I still associate the houses as such:

Gryffindor = good
Slytherin = bad
Ravenclaw = I have no fucking idea
Hufflepuff = I have no fucking idea


the conversation i heard was:

“well, i’m a Hufflepuff”
“SO AM I!”


G = brave
S =ambitious
R = clever
H = either ‘loyal’ or ‘not particularly brave, ambitious or clever’ depending upon which sorting hat song you believe.




Or when the breaking news pop up comes along going “15 dead in bus crash in Bolivia”



Cancelled BT broadband. They offered it me for a much lower monthly price. When I said I didn’t want it, they told me it’s £31 to cancel as they have to send an engineer out.

IRKED at being charged more than they can do it for.
IRKED at having to pay for them to send an engineer - if they need to send an engineer to cancel my account, that’s their expense, not mine.


nah, just say you’re cancelling the direct debit and put the phone down. do it all the time for stuff.


Boiler is on the blink, but works if you turn the taps on about half as much as normal. Running the kids’ baths means leaving it going for ages and adding a kettle of water for good measure. I can cope with that. But now it has decided - just for the bath - to just stop giving out hot water at all intermittently. All fine then the water goes cold, you have to switch the boiler off and on and it works again. So bathtimes now are me waiting by this trickle of hot water until it goes cold, going all the way downstairs to reboot the boiler, boiling more kettles, then back up again. Then at the end of all this shit is two kids who hate baths.



The new routemaster buses are total sweatboxes when it’s warm out. Really hate that they botgered to bring them back, completely pointless move.


As a teacher I can categorically state that this is not true.

The four types of kid are : lazy, good, quiet and naughty.


Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Slytherin… the system WORKS


No offense to the human population, but tourists really irk me.


In fact, I hate anyone who comes to my city as a tourist. YOU’RE GETTING IN THE WAY.


Yes, it’s a beautiful building/view/bridge, now FUCK OFF.


Could you possibly walk more than half a mile an hour? And if not, at least try to not block the entire pavement!


There is a man here who regularly walks around the whole office, talking very loudly on conference calls.

Today is he doing the walking thing but this time, he’s picked up a big umbrella and is walking around the office whilst tapping said umbrella on the floor. He has stopped at about 2 people’s desks to hold the umbrella up to pretend to shoot them.

I had to step out of the office to scream into my jumper as this has caused me great annoyance.




I’m totally gonna start doing this :grinning::wink:


maybe buy a cattle prod that’s slightly longer than his umbrella, and then zap him next time he does it near you…