Things that fully irk you


(I should say, I think it’s a brilliant film, and the 20 minutes when James Stewart is shown the life where he doesn’t exist is one of the scariest things I’ve seen in a film, but Billy boils my piss.)


Or, as an Aussie would say, piss boils my billy.


Ha! I work with several Australians and to a woman and to a man they wince if I say “x boils my piss”. Which is a bit surprising, given they’re from the nation that gave the world the idea of fucking a spider, but hey ho.


My coat leaks. Went out at lunch, got rained on, and discovered the shoulders of my big coat let water in. Only got it two years ago, irked, off to the winter coat chat thread now


Just downloaded a book on audible because I can’t sleep and the fucking thing opens on chapter 24.

Made me four times as irked as I was because no sleep.



Bit late to this but I work in recruitment and this is my entire life. Trying to explain to employers that their job ad will perform better if they put an actual number in and them just ignoring it, then complaining when the job ad doesn’t perform.



Last time I was looking for a job an advert said that it was a fun place to work and everyone likes to go out partying together.


I’m about to start looking for a new job again. I am sure I will find plenty of things that irk me.


I hate that McDonalds advert where he goes to hipster coffee shops where they serve coffee in test tubes for £6, laugh for not knowing what a drink is etc, then all becomes crystal clear going into a McDonalds. It just isn’t like that!

The unnecessary ingredients is what shows celebrity chefs up as out of touch for me. Jamie Oliver is trying to do cheap meals, then thinks nothing of whacking half a lemon in, a chilli, a bay leaf, a cinammon stick and a glug of good olive oil. Probably adding a quid at least to the cost of the recipe with that.


WHY IS IT ALWAYS HALF A FUCKING LEMON. My fridge is nothing but shrivelled lemon halves.


Really don’t think this needed any further qualification tbh.

Their brand of advertising brings me out in a rash of an entirely different colour to almost any other company.


You need to develop a liking for gin & tonic.


I would, only it’s shit


There seems to be a trend just now of songs in adverts being sung badly on purpose. Like really awful singing voices. Watched a bit of TV last night for the first time in ages and it really annoyed me.


Buy smaller lemons?


That’s your answer to everything.


I always say, “When life gives you half lemons, tell Jamie Oliver to fuck off.”


The “punk” one for the wraps never seems to go away and always makes me cringe.


housemate is a perenial loo non flusher.

at first, I thought it was something to do with the environment (he’s recently started binging youtube videos on how bad the meat industry is, decided not to buy meat except eggs, of which he eats about 5 or 6 per day plus literal litres of milk). being greeted with a bit of piss in the bowl isn’t the nicest thing, but I could live with it.

he’s recently upgraded to leaving full logs of shit plus paper, and I’m wondering how I can deal with this diplomatically.


Scoop them out and leave them on his pillow.