Things that get stuck in your head

Congratulations Fontaine…you have a son

occasionally just internally scream ‘DJ KHALED’.


International Soft Lads is a DiSism, from Balonz or Lucien, I think.

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I do that with Flav’s ‘Yeeeeeeeah Booooooyzzzz’

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Self loathing, mainly

Only after they weren’t the UK’s number one anymore.

Yeah that sounds about right! Never said what they were number one in though, strangely.

I had one in my head yesterday but I also can’t remember what it is now.

Oh remembered, although it is sort of musical: whenever I read insight I always get that sample from Entroducing… “Insight, foresight, more sight, the clock on the wall reads a quarter past midnight”

It opens Midnight in a Perfect World:

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