Things that give pleasure


I like seeing street/place names like Compton or Inglewood when driving round genteel villages etc My son went to Compton Village Hall for a party the other week.

Do you like things or pleasure or whatever?


Hitachi Wand


I like driving past Gravel Pit Lane and giving it “HOLLER 'CROSS FROM THE LAND OF THE LOST”


I would say that I enjoy pleasure, yes


I take great pleasure in seeing the personal growth and development of my fellow community members right here on


Manchester United losing a football match


Fuck off


My friend lives in a wee scottish town called Dollar. Dollar dollar bill y’all!


Live near a place called Compton, people making reference to ‘straight out of Compton’ in relation to it has never been funny


Trolling libtards and SJWs on the internet.


conversely, referring to Guildford as ‘G-Troit’ has never NOT been amazing.


Rock city


Seeing a dog sitting in the window when walking to work

(the pub near me that often had a very cute little dog in the window has closed down and has been converted into offices - shame about the dog, not the pub, because it was shit)


Seeing a dog in the boot of the car in front in traffic.



choking to death on exhaust fumes


Mate, whatever floats your scrote.

You sick fuck.




Your mum.


Is your friend called William?