Things that have actually #madeuthink

I read a thing that said that in any competitive activity, contests between “professionals” are largely decided by leveraging marginal differences in skill or experience, but contests between “amateurs” are usually decided by who makes the fewer massive mistakes. So if there’s an activity you want to improve it, you first need to work on cutting out the big mistakes you’re making and then work on the more advanced things.

Really #mademethink.

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does not agree

So if you want to be better at something you need to be less shit at it?


That’s a good one. Have recently become a regular table football player at work, and keep trying new techniques to try and get better, but my biggest problem is making stupid mistakes all the fucking time. I’d probably be a lot better if I just kept it simple and focused on not making the stupid mistakes.

Would be more boring though.

I see you


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I answered an Epimer thread seriously and nothing happens. Last time I do anything nice ever for anyone.

This was your first amateurish mistake.

Professional footballers often make huge mistakes.