Things that have become less mechanised/automated

Car washing. Not so many spinny brush efforts in petrol stations, more men (I have only ever seen one woman doing it) in supermarket car parks and manned drive through places.

I would dearly welcome any comments or further examples but let’s stay away from artisanal (art is anal!) stuff.

Many thanks.

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Super penoid Elon Musk reckons that his Tesla factories aren’t producing cars quickly enough because he tried to over-automate it:

Originally the Model 3 included “fiberglass mats” of fluff on the top of the battery pack, and the company had a “FluffBot” that would pick up fluff and place it on the battery pack. “Machines are not good at picking up fluff; human hands are very well suited for that,” Musk said, “FluffBot would frequently just fail to pick up the fluff.” Tesla ended up testing whether the fluff made any difference in cabin noise, found that it did not, and dispensed with the FluffBot

Quite fancy having a FluffBot kicking around the house.


Motor vehicles. Everyone’s on bicycles now :+1:

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Motor vehicles are more mechanised/automated then ever. If you wish to edit your post to transport within certain parts of London I will accept it.

Are you saying you can edit posts in a way that means they can transport around London?

It’s automation gone mad.

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Yeah, I have half a dozen of my best orbiting the north circular as we speak.

Record players

Tin openers are very advanced and mechanised tech but they have been made redundant by the ring pull system.

I was thinking about getting the car washed the other day, which feels a bit Tory in the first place now that I think about it, and the TV said that a lot of the HAND CAR WASH places that spring up overnight are run by forced/slave labour and that’s how gang-leaders exploit men (women are exploited in less savoury ways but often by the same people). Apparently it’s a real issue in our part of the South East according to the Police agencies she works with.

I’ve decided I’m fine with my car being filthy.

What about the ones in supermarkets? I assume they must be licensed by the supermarkets so hopefully not? I don’t use either anyway but it would be nice if they were legit.

I bet all the people who bought electric openers are feeling very silly now*!

*apart for those with disability issues, just the lazy buggers

Teasmades were all the rage in my youth. Seen the odd one dumped in a skip of late; people realised it is as easy to boil a kettle while you have some toast / a fag


Also noticed that supermarkets seem to have phased out the pound-coin-to-release-a-trolley thing

Yeah supermarkets and that not the problem, its the ones that spring up (often in car parks or we’ve got a couple in abandoned petrol stations, waste ground etc) not connected to anything that are dodgy as hell.

I got my younger sister an electric can opener as a wedding gift

Would save on foreplay time.

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Can’t think of anything, sorry

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Tip for the supermarket petrol station manual car wash things (I assume this is what we’re talking about) - if you’re the first person to use it in the morning, it’s often free.

I’m not sure why this is, maybe it needs a test run first thing, but it is a noted phenomenon.

I could talk at length about this…

I visit a combined M&S/Tesco maybe four times a week (there is nowhere else to go without getting in the car!) and the Tesco side always put their trolleys back whereas the M&S side do not (well I guess most do but some don’t). Also the people with flasher cars will only park on the smaller M&S side even if it is full and the Tesco one has plenty of space. I could write a book about that carpark. Any publishers out there interested?

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Many thanks for trying.