Things that have cheered you up today


Well, yesterday, anyway. I went to my new local pub - it re-opened a month ago. A couple came in with a baby in a pram. The bar man told them that children are not allowed in the pub. The couple left muttering something about age discrimination. My drinking can now be child free. :slight_smile:


Kallgeese’s story about his friend being the greatest guy ever has made my day.


It’s puzzle day at work which means at 4pm we get to do jigsaw puzzles yay


Bought a new car air freshener and bin.


We need @Kallgeese to repeat it here.


I bought some M&S chocolate orange mini rolls


Had a good* idea that’s got me all excited and bought myself a dress.

*well, I’m not sure it’s good but I like it so…


I finished at 3 for the first time in ages and there’s sunlight outside


No hot water in the house
getting stood up for a date I barely wanted
might piss myself before bed or something


Oh actually I get to lead a meeting tomorrow because someone’s in court for disputing a fine he got for his doggie doing a doo doo in the park

I get to pretend it’s for dogging


It’s new comic day and I had a lovely chat with my comic shop guy and I had an email from a recruiter earlier about a job that looks very interesting.


S’av a look at the dress m9.


Won an eBay auction on something that I’d set my maximum bid too high on because I hadn’t really done my research, but it went for the minimum amount.


New TV has arrived for my bf’s ‘games’ room. He’s going to be so excited when he gets home from work!!! :crazy_face:


TV = television, in case of ambiguity.




:grimacing: I actually bought three but I fully intend to send two of them back… maybe. We’ll see.


That is well nice! Proper barg as well, I can see why you bulk bought :grinning:

I doubt that model will be doing much bending :thinking:


HAHA, I literally cannot bend over in any of my dresses. It’s a problem.


Haha! I bought two other different ones, they’re just not as nice.