Things that have cheered you up today

Pretty rubbish day, but:
-I found a nice dress
-That’s it.

what’s up pal?

There has been absolutely zero cheer in my day today, at least I’m struggling to think of anything.

I got given my annual bonus letter today which means I can pay off my credit card and decorate baby’s room properly AND MAYBE EVEN GET A NEW STEREO! Worked really bloody hard last year so very happy.

Also this RATM reaction video that @guntrip posted on the music board really made me smile so thanks for that!


sometimes it’s just really nice to see people enjoying things


Yes! It made go back and listen to that album and I briefly felt like a teenager again.

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spent a long time dismissing it as sixth form rebellion stuff but after watching this reaction video there’s some real cool power in those tracks

They’re a band I find myself defending even though I don’t particularly enjoy them or listen to any of their music any more - the comparison to Public Enemy in that video is much more apt than those to Limp Bizkit and all the other nu metal chest beating rubbish that came out around the same time. I also really like this -


Just a bit of everything really, sorry I shouldn’t bring a positive thread down.

Haha, I don’t think I’ve shown you this one? I just keep on buying basically the same dress from zara :joy:

Ooo, lemme see the skirt! It’s not too early, neverever. Summer’ll be here soon enough!

nah it’s fine, you can always talk to us anyway, s’all good!

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  • Babies
  • Beets

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Saw a Deliveroo rider dressed like a 1960s hippie.

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Had one of my vegan creme eggs, that some dark chocolate oatcakes.

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watching this vid for the first time

so joyful :grin:


it’s V’s birthday. he now has a massive bike and ate an adult size pizza and pudding at the Italian…


One of us!

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I got a puppy today so it’s pretty much the best day ever.