Things that have made you switch the radio off recently (rolling)


The bit at the start of Radcliffe and Maconie’s show where they say: “You know what you want to do with that, right? You want to put a banging donk on it” … combined with the intro to King Of The Kerb by Echobelly. Couldn’t stand it - radio is now off.

For information, the song to which they’re referring is from eight years ago.




the shite music usually


never, ever listen to the radio. Why would you? just put on spotify or cd idk


Specifically - “Middle-aged shout-outs” - referencing, what, Tim Westwood? So, maybe a mid-late 90s reference?


That new ed sheering I number that sounds like shut tier u2


Sometimes they play a variety of music that my colleagues and I quite like. Seems democratic.


Are you drunk already, Yosemite Duck?


Apologies to yer man but the only consistent thing is Kate Tempest. Just can’t do it.


Not sure if this still happens, but days gone by the emergency transmission would kick in after so many seconds of silence. It once happened to Mogwai, I believe, and I think the 17 seconds at the start of Renegade would do the trick.


honestly whever Lamacq comes on. I quite enjoy Keaveney, Laverne and Radmac.


the second day in a row of brexit related phone in on Five live with Nicky Campbell.


i think it happened during one of low’s peel sessions at well


You don’t have a problem with Echobelly though? (except for maybe the pain of nostalgia)


They’re… okay? Classic middleweight Britpop.


they’re dead catchy too

I turned Elvis Costello off the TV the other day, god he’s boring.
I think I might’ve turned off Tom Robinson’s show the other day.
I don’t think I could listen to radcliffe and maconie now, despite sticking up for radcliffe on here.
Archers: always


Vanesse Feltz discussing dog fighting on Radio 2


Tempted to find this on iPlayer tbh


Rugby chat on BBC Radio 5 Live

  • Steve Lamacq
  • That long, boring song about being on hold. The XX?