Things that have no name but maybe should



Is there a name for these things?


There probably is in German.


yeah it’d probably the german for each of the words in the OP all strung together


Erm, try and keep the racism in check, guys.


sorry, i thought i was


Pravděpodobně je v němčině?


Is there a name for when two people are walking each other and in trying to get past each other, move in the same direction at least twice, thus causing a hold-up?


i think it’s called mirror dancing ?


I once had a horse with no name


and yes it did feel good to get out of the rain


Did you travel anywhere on said horse?


through the dessert and after two days my skin was red. kind of you to ask.


When people slag someone off, not directly to their face but loudly enough that they can be overheard.


Claiming that things that are things aren’t things. Again, there probably is a word for this in German.


When you go to open a link and then the page finishes loading and the link moves and you end up opening something else.


That’s definitely not a trifling conplaint