Things that inject minor suspense into your life


The plug in the bathroom sink doesn’t quite fit, so when I have a shave it’s a race against time to finish before all the water drains away.



intermittent hot water makes showers a lottery


Whether the ‘spare’ parking space in the car park for our apartments has been taken by someone or not*

*It’s not really that big an issue, as the lady downstairs doesn’t mind me parking my car under her bedroom window, but I like to inconvenience the others :smiley:




pins and needles then you can’t move your foot


The place I’m staying while working away for a few weeks has a chihuahua that barks and threatens to bite me every time I come through the door. It very nearly got me today but I think it couldn’t open its mouth wide enough to latch onto my ankle. Still, if it does end up biting me I bet I’ll get my accommodation money back


Visiting my mum right now. She has a cat who is very, very affectionate, but also a bit bitey.


When I watch road rage / near miss / angry cyclist videos my heart really flutters with nerves. I can get quite a giddy high after a few.


I like pressing the button to open the gate from the car park before starting the car. So I’ve got to start and pull out really quickly and Indiana jones it through the gate


I used to fill my coffee cup up to the brim. Now I’m more cautious in life.


Also, when coming back into the car park I give one little bit of throttle then put it in neutral and try to get the car into a space, without hitting the wall, without any gas or brake.




Small bets that I do. On most days I put on two £1 bets on football scores. Usually, they’re at 10/1. A little excitement and suspense when I check if I’ve won.