Things that irk others that you're non-plussed by

@epimer 's arse to thread.

Socialism and Adam Duritz

John Barrowman

Incorrect use of nonplussed (not really, it fucking gets my goat).

Blairites, moderates and centrists (people who actually want to stop Brexit)

Lend me your ears


Kids crying etc on planes/ trains/ next door etc

Once I had had kids of my own I found I was just relieved that it wasn’t me who had the responsibility of dealing with the crying child


I like to wind mine up so they get even louder. Pretend not to hear them or get their names mixed up or tell them we need to visit 3 more supermarkets before we go home and stuff.


may as well get mad at the tides tbh

Insects in the home. We get ladybirds in the bathroom around this time of year, think they hatch and wait for the weather to get warm before venturing out. People were telling me to plaster over any holes they might be living in or whatever and I’m like nah fam, they’re cute little ladybirds, let them keep warm. I just open the window for them so they can get outside, no big deal.

This. Also wasps around food when outside. It’s fine


bit scared of wasps tbh, childhood stinging, but yeah, just stay calm and don’t piss them off, enjoy your tuna sandwich in the meantime.

When I went camping with my parents in Norfolk I had a bad blocked up nose then i blew my nose and it turned out a wasp had flown up into my nostril and died

28 years old I was


It’s not the kids that annoy me so much as the self-entitlement of so many parents.

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I’d rather a quiet dog than a rambunctious child.

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Like a dog with a bone you Peej!

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Save it for Thursday!

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grammar stuff, like people saying ‘less’ when they mean ‘fewer’ etc, who gives a shit


Yeah, my life would be much the better if people did fewer of this kind of thing.

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Self-entitled adults and children in pubs
Girlfriends that shave their heads unannounced
Ed Sheeran