Things that it would be funny if it happened at a wedding


The ordainer is wearing shorts


bon iver coming out to a sold out audience

(or something like that)



He said Rachel instead of the bride’s name.


The bride gets thrown out for doing coke.


they are using paper towel like in a BBQ restaurant


A good stand-up set.


The bit where Miranda falls over, but at a wedding.


The dinner is really lavish and opulent and expensive but it’s served on paper plates and the cutlery and cups are plastic


*BBQ towel roll


Animal Collective - My Girls is covered poorly as the bridal party walk down the aisle.


The beautiful couple accidentally finish each others sandwiches lol I mean sentences


everyone buys a fridge


One/both of the couple audibly farting during the vows.


The vicar said “mawidge”.


This concept has legitimately made me lose it a bit three separate times now which I think, against all odds, probably makes it one of the funniest things I’ve ever thought about


When they say “does anyone have a reason as to why these people cannot be married”, uncle benny goes “Well actually!” then shakes his head and sits back down


the bride is still fuming from losing at trivial pursuit three nights ago and keeps on referencing how the groom had better not ‘cheat on her THIS time’ but no one else gets the reference


This, but uncle benny does an audible fart instead of saying anything.


i wish you hadn’t reminded me of that existence of that. i’d rather watch a particularly graphic auschwitz doc


How about if when they say “does anyone have a reason as to why these people cannot be married” the person saying it required an individual “no” from everyone in attendance