Things that it's weird that


Why anyone gives Chris Brown the time of day


Bridge to terabithia is now 11 years old. Imagine that!

Imagine you’ve just heard me do that impressed/surprised whistle that some people do

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nas’ new family friendly lyrics failing to capture the imagination

You realise that in a modern Beethoven film, the dog would absolutely be CG.

That is sad isn’t it.

Sometimes I see two St Bernards on Liverpool Road on my walk home from work, I hope I see them today.

£55k for a dog seems extortionate


I feel like Jake Paul/ Youtube vlogging culture has filled the hole of live action family movies. And instead of kids bugging parents to see the movie with them, kids bug parents to buy them dslrs and $80 items of merch

Kids do love YouTubers these days

my friend’s nephew heard that I like rap music so he made me watch this and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t blown away

There are absolutely loads of family films being made, usually with an animal as a protagonist, only they’re generally straight to DVD (or on-demand these days, I guess). Going to hazard a guess they’re probably still making Beethoven films.

Also, Jumanji just came out, is that not a family film?

@anon5266188 do you have a favourite installment in the air bud franchise? what sport would you like buddy the loveable golden retriever to branch out into next?

I don’t think I’ll watch it.

I was having fun on Saturday with an eleven year old boy by pretending not to have heard of modern things, saying stuff like “so man is cold?” when he was saying about “Man’s Not Hot” and that. Pretty good, I can see why people do it.

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I need to adopt this approach. For some reason I actually tried to explain that I genuinely knew where dabbing originated from to the same nephew and the level of extreme and humiliating suspicion I was greeted with just wasn’t worth my time


It’s a bit of a laugh in my experience, I guess it depends on the child in question though

eating tide pods becoming a craze

Yeah, this is both weird and stupid and also it seems to have lasted longer than it normally would have done

It’s weird that my colleague has egg friend rice for lunch every day