Things that make you cringe a bit or feel sad

  • English people saying “epic” or “dude”
  • People walking along the street whilst eating a sandwich
  • (obvious one but) witnessing an awkward hug or cheek kiss


I don’t like it when you hear an English person saying “ass” instead of “arse”


People eating pre packaged sandwiches in the morning


I cringe any time a character in a film I’m watching sings or any time someone in real life sings unless I’m paying to go to a performance of somebody singing. I also hate it when someone on the TV is singing whilst looking directly at the camera.


a while back I was visiting the grounds of a stately home type place

There was this family there with young kids - they were French (I think) so I couldn’t fully understand what was being said, but it was obvious they had come wanting to look around the house itself, but the house was closed to the public that day and only the grounds were open.

The wife was having a massive go at the husband in front of the kids and he just looked really sad. That made me feel sad too


Similar to @Antpocalypsenow’s example: when someone offers to play you a song they’ve written. Or a poem. Hasn’t happened for a while but it’s always a bit of a white-knuckle moment.


Or when someone pulls out an acoustic guitar at a house party.


Or when someone insists on showing you a very funny video on youtube while in a social setting


Asking people’s usernames at a DiS meat


talking at a DiS meat


Seeing people queuing outside a shop to be first to get a new phone or trainers or something.


Going to a DiS meat.


Mind you, I made my work colleagues sit through Amazing Boy Bob’s “Let’s Get Smashed”. Fortunately, it’s hilarious so no risk involved there.




90%+ of stand-up comedy


people with an astonishing volume to their voice. one of my friends is wonderful but she speaks (doesn’t even yell) at such a loud volume and it makes me shiver a little in public


I don’t like it when I’m on the tube/a train/a bus with a person I know and they are trying to have a conversation with me. I also don’t like it when I’m on the tube/a train/a bus with someone I know and we’re sat in silence though…


if you see someone you know do you try and hide?


My Brother’s friend ended up after a night out in glasgow at Gary Lightbody (from Snow Patrol)'s flat, having to listen to the new Snow Patrol album in full and in silence with 10-20 strangers


These examples are for when I’m deliberately on the tube/a train/ a bus with someone I know.