Things that make you cringe a bit or feel sad


oh christ i’ve hit a vein of cringe here.


Except Big Jeff. He can do it all he wants


There was one at magnetic fields on Thursday, I’m still cringing



My friend (who actually lives within about a mile of you) is a wedding photographer. I think he must throw in the engagement shoots as part of the package.


i remember someone at a wedding fair approached my mrs about ‘boudoir photography.’

“why would i want that?”

“you could give a big canvas of you to your husband for your wedding day!”

“where… where would we put the picture?”

“in the bedroom as a sexy reminder!”

she burst out laughing and he got really offended. “SOME people love it actually” etc etc


Love Big Jeff. He’s not reciting words to show off, anyway



This happened at my school. The English teacher, in his strong Scottish accent, via megaphone, would always dramatically shout; “There once was a fire at a school… it was THIS school!” Just to ensure all the kids knew shit could get real.



more specifically


competitive commuting sounds like a sport they would show on dave


In fairness, it was slightly irking when they changed it so that rather than pulling up to the stop marker at the end of the platform, the trains on my line just randomly stop somewhere in the middle of the platform at New Street.

I didn’t post a tweet that makes me sound like a total bellend about it though…


Cringe: Anytime I see a video of a white policeman dancing, latest being Notting Hill carnival or that Ariana Grande Manchester benefit concert.




Because they’re cnuts trying to pretend not to be cnuts. :roll_eyes:


Commemorative plates. Just the bleakest, most Brexit-y things aren’t they


Pearly Kings and Queens


i always wondered how dis felt about the police in general. sort of thing where i’d guess it was an even split


Preferred their earlier stuff etc