Things that make you cringe a bit or feel sad


Well, their first single’s not bad, anyway.




My hot take is I don’t think all white police men is cunts.


I don’t think they’re all cunts either. But they are all very capable of being absolute cunts when in certain circumstances.


No @Ruffers?


feel sad not cringe: when football managers get sacked and you imagine them clearing their desk and driving off all sad. esp. when it happens to the ‘nice’ ones like ranieiri or martin jol.


This post


The Princess Diana memorial thing in Chesterfield makes me feel really sad… I can just imagine these earnest old people with no self awareness trying really hard to make something nice and then getting mercilessly mocked across the world because it’s shit :frowning:


I saw a guy sat by himself drinking a can of beer and I felt really sad and had to remind me that he was just on his lunch break, he’s got friends and family and I don’t have to worry about him.

On the cringe side: posh white people saying BOOM! when something good happens


same, and also that painting of jesus that was painted over by a church member trying to be helpful.


Also; any slang invented in the south east of England (by white people)


That there’s still cricket being played, even though it’s mid-September


Mmmm… a day-nighter in England on the 29th of September.



No idea why the ECB (or whoever) think there is an appetite for five ODIs in late-September. The Ashes starts in a few months’ time, just let everyone have a rest.





on the flip side, you could imagine a Koeman or Pardew leaving a shit on the desk on the way out.


Bilic - Poo On Desk
Pardew = sends snarky email with a load of bcc’s
Redknapp = throws tantrum
Koeman = devoting the next 10 years of his life to destroying that entire club as an entity


When you see that somebody’s Mum had commented on their facebook photos, and their (the Mum’s) profile pic is them with a snapchat filter on. Just makes me feel really sad.


How do you feel about me having no idea what a snapchat filter is?


I feel like you’re telling lies.