Things that make you cringe a bit or feel sad


no i know but i guessed that you would also hide if for instance you saw me


Stealth, bomber, stealth BOMBer


No, I wouldn’t hide from you, friend.


that is really lovely and we are now betrothed


I’ve once pretended to be asleep when someone I knew from school sat across from me on the train. I had to pray their stop was before mine (thankfully it was).


A while back Chris Isaak was the guest on Saturday kitchen and Ken Hom was the guest chef and James Martin (or whoever) was persuading Chris to sing and Chris goes “ok, are you ready to sing Kenny|?” - Addressing his manager/roadie/singer ALSO CALLED KEN and Ken Hom goes “oh no I couldn’t!”.

Cringe just thinking about it.




Drinking red bull before about midday


not available





I refuse to eat anything on the move. Can’t stand it.


This happens to me every day at work and just go “ahhh yeah” and die inside


That Chris de Burgh video of him on BBC breakfast.


Gareth - go and get the guitar…


I am that person :sweat_smile: usually misjudge my audience too and leave people thinking I’m some sort of miscreant



A while ago (at a BBQ rather than a party), someone actually handed me an acoustic guitar. Fuckssake, do I look like a performing monkey? I was tempted to just bash out a load of Elliott Smith covers until everyone left me alone.


Maybe cry a bit when your singing, too?




It’s why all acoustic guitars should be destroyed.