Things that make you cringe a bit or feel sad


I cringe when people say phrases that are popular on the internet aloud but I don’t cringe at the phrases themselves when they’re used on the internet.


Like what


It is acceptable on the condition that:
a) it’s relevant to the ongoing discussion and provides a frame of reference
b) it’s under 20s long

(arbitrary conditions as we had to show @plasticniki the video of richard blackwood zesting a lemon to get her up to speed on a conversation)


Like, I imagine if I heard a person saying “eyebrows on fleek” I wouldn’t really enjoy myself that much


Awkward silences, hate it so much and would rather talk about the weather or something else stupid instead. Even watching them between other people, was watching this Korean show that’s kind of like big brother but they chose introverted celebrities, it was painful to watch :scream:


We were in a hotel last weekend, and there was a stag do from Manchester in there. They were shouting out 'WHASSSSUP!" at each other over and over again at breakfast.


This is a good example friend. I thought you meant people saying things like “Lol” as an actual word, which sends me into a complete rage rather than just sad.


I do that sometimes so I can’t comment on it.


That image is making me laugh



woah pressure much?


When nerds chant terms with awful historical connotations at card game events.




I sadly must withdraw my use of the word friend in my previous post on this topic :frowning:


That is very sad actually


There is chanting involved in card games events?



that awkward moment when Ant says lol in real life


Only one, that I know of. It’s not one that I play. The chanting is a big part of why.


If you said “that awkward moment when Ant says lol in real life” in real life I would find it bad.


I would never do that


Okay, this thread is getting too meta now.

Everybody out!