Things that make you cringe a bit or feel sad


Do you call “Dutch ruddering” just “ruddering” Hoogs?


it’s a people when thread then


and dutch ovens ‘ovens’?


Apparently, he calls jumping between two ropes while people stand at each end rotating them ‘double’


I heard that too


farting under his duvet and pulling it over a bed companion is ‘an oven’


That’s called “hotboxing” so it’s weird that he calls that that


… have you got a xylo filter on? i will be crushed


fuck off




I went on a date once and bought some handwritten notes in my pocket with some really banal subject matter, which I took out during dinner when there was a lull in conversation. As a joke obviously. Went down very well - she did a very prolonged and genuine looking LOL.




The constant Tory comments on here


It’s called a Pleuger rudder

I know what you’re trying to do here, not falling for it though


Shiny suits, or any suit that isn’t black.


Exception for ‘badass’?

Absolutely everyone sounds like Jacob Rees-Mogg when they say bad-arse


We’ve hounded most of them off of DiS, thankfully.


No exception. We just shouldn’t try and say “badass”


you alright with welsh people saying dude ? Yeah. Cool.


What if I’m inviting a friend to a Joey Bada$$ concert?

Should probably just stay at home I presume