Things that make you cringe a bit or feel sad


Just text him, bro. It’s 2017…


When my American colleagues say ‘great we could connect’ after a call/generally are enthusiastic about work.


Yes if they have a big valleys accent and add an extra syllables so it becomes like ‘do-wood’


When companies describe their staff as “colleagues”, even to their customers.


That there are factories somewhere that make little plastic toys to go into Kinder Surprise eggs or Christmas Crackers that nobody cares about and normally end up straight into a bin.

That makes me feel sad.


Seeing myself in the mirror. My life in general.


yeah, I always get like that when I see someone discard or wantonly break something. Like, I can’t separate the product from the human labour that went into it. have this weird memory as a 6 year old kid getting really upset that I didn’t like a pair of boots that my parents had got me, but felt really guilty because the manufacturers/my parents might be upset that I didn’t like them.


This post makes me sad :frowning:


That actually hurts to think about


I cringe when people write “your” when it should be “you’re”. :joy:


Best is an Ammanford accent where it becomes Dude-uh.


if I see people alone in a group or social setting

Recently examples include

  • seeing a group of school kids in a supermarket, foreign students it seemed. They were all having fun apart form this one kid who was just stood on his own at the side looking at the floor.
  • seeing an old man having dinner by himself in a pub which was mainly full of younger people

just makes me feel a bit sorry for them


also when chuggers come up to you doing a wacky little dance, cringy as fuck




Yesterday there was a sizeable living wage demo outside the Ritzy but loads of people just walked through them and into the cinema. Made me sad and cringe at the same time. I was one of these people going in but was only going in to collect my wallet which I had left in there on Friday when there had been no demonstrators outside.


when couples do prolonged PDA’s/ hug for 10 minutes looking sad before one of them gets on a bus or train. unless one of them is going off to war, this is unacceptable.


There was a middle aged guy sat next to me on the train until just now. He was wearing a suit, had a weary expression, was working his way through a bag of Werther’s Originals and had this exact image as his mobile phone cover:


It got me thinking as to why he had this as a phone cover, and I conjured up a number of back stories in my head, all of which were a bit poignant and sad.


Seeing people on bad first dates in restaurants/bars. It’s always obvious because they’ll be looking at the menu in silence except for a few “Hmmms” and then you see the relief on their faces when the waiter comes to take their order.


“Do you want to see each other again?”

“You go first”
“No, ladies first”
“Okay… I had a really nice time but … If we saw each other again, it’d be as just friends?”
“Yeah… Yeah. Friends.”

Cringe every time.


I enjoy watching this kind of thing when it happens on First Dates actually. Just grim in real life.