Things that make you cringe a bit or feel sad


Just had a sandwich in the street.


sounds liek someone is asking for some jags!!!


People at quizzes cheering when they get a question right


That post on DiS Facebook the other day when Sean said he hated us :cry:


John Prescott?


clapping when the plane lands


Especially after I’ve seen them blatantly on their phones earlier.


that woman who started singing don’t look back in anger at the manchester vigil. my mate told me about it but described it as the crowd started spontaneously singing it and i thought aw, that’s really sweet. but then i saw the footage and it was one person trying to force a cathartic “moment”, and maybe a couple dozen other people joined in probably cos they felt sorry/embarrassed for her. just the jaw-dropping lack of sensitivity to the moment, how it was blatantly an attempt to create a viral clip. bit vom inducing. and then after she’s like, “this is our city and we won’t be scared etc” and you could see on her face she was slightly mortified at what she’d done.


I hated that so much. Even if she wasnt doing it to go viral, which I am susspicous about, there would have been many people there looking to pay respects and reflect on the events. Not have her try and get on Russell Howards Good News


My default setting is foghorn. My GF and I were on holiday once and out in public on a whale watching boat thing. We were chatting about what to but to eat that night and my other half just pulled me to one side and whispered.

‘Stop. Shouting. About. Chicken’


Someone at work sending an email around saying they’ve got some easily-available vouchers.

“Hi, I know you all like a drink :wink: ! I’ve got a Naked Wine voucher on my desk - free to the first taker!”


This is also me because I tend to go deaf the more I drink for some reason so I shout louder and louder.


cringe: when I think of how i was walked over by someone i went out with


brexit stuff has laid me proper (feeling a bit) low this morning. mega anxiety. meh


That bloke in Bristol who was doing that thing of constantly playing the piano to win back the heart of a girl who’d dumped him. After 4 months together. Decided to stop doing it after someone punched him in the back of the head at 4am on Sunday.

Everything, everything about that fits the brief of this subject line.


That did not make me feel sad when he got punched.

The rest of the story just made me feel uncomfortable. I would have DIED.


The guy was clearly so clearly pathetic it made me feel sad that he was like that.



(plus there were numerous stories of him emotionally abusing people and owing people money etc)


I was wondering when the PR element lingering, but never confirmed, beneath it all would come out. And there it is.

Didn’t read those other things but let’s just say they don’t come as a surprise. What I do remember is when I saw the video thing of him explaining it and I was like “we all know someone who is that guy. We all do. And he’s a prick”.


just read a couple of articles along the lines of this…

And I do agree obviously but I was wondering what people thought about grand romantic gestures when people are actually together and love each other? I’m starting to question them too…