Things that make you cringe a bit or feel sad


Public marriage proposals are a form of emotional abuse, imho.


I’d probably be a bit mortified. Why do these things have to be done in public?? You ain’t got to prove anything to anyone else

same applies to people posting on social media about things their partner has got them/done for them


Once spent an entire afternoon watching proposal rejections on youtube.


I don’t like it when people applaud at the cinema (when the film ends)

They aren’t here, they can’t hear your applause


In my experience dodgy behaviour after a break-up seems pretty evenly split down gender lines. Seen it many times from both sides.

With regards to public displays of this sort of thing - I guess it depends on whether or not the person who has it ‘done’ to them is into it. Some revel in it; most probably despise it. If you’re doing it to someone who’s clearly in the latter category then I’d think you’re bang out of order tbh.


I still can’t work out if the basketball one is staged or not. I hope it isn’t, but I suspect it was.


Hmmm not sure. I do know I’ve not seen one where the guy didn’t look like a massive weapon.


Generally, yeah to this. It did happen when I went to see I, Daniel Blake at a cinema located just around the corner from where several scenes were shot and when the clapping at the end began, it was actually very emotional. Didn’t join in (obvz) but would have felt churlish to get annoyed in that instance.


I remember one during a Breeders set at Leeds Festival in the early 2000s. The guy was knocked back. Kim and Kelley Deal looked a bit awkward then kicked into the next song while the entire audience cringed/giggled.


Oh get this.

I was watching some motherfucking shakespeare the other day like the massive culture vulture that I am. Obviously I had no idea what was going on.

But I noticed a lady behind me who was SO familiar with the text that she was mouthing along to some of the key soliliq… sol… speeches.

Did she mouth silently? Oh no, how then would the people around her have known she KNEW shakespeare. She let just a little bit of air out so we could just here a kind of sub-whisper of shakespeare.


see also people at the front of gigs standing sideways so that they make sure people know they know all the words. this has driven me to the point of full xylorange previous


Every office I’ve worked in the fire alarm test will be announced in a dramatic film trailer style by the security person, don’t begrudge them that at all, it is when people find it hilarious week after week




you heard!


I think I’m massively self conscious and neurotic about what others think and then I hear stuff like this and think imagine how stressful it must be being in that persons head


absolutely agreed


also as we’ve already discussed, anyone using the standard cry laughing emoji for anything that is not legit holy-cow hilarious makes me feel embarrassed for them and anyone who knows them.


I’d have shushed her