Things that make you cringe a bit or feel sad


that was the thing - it wasn’t quite loud enough to shush. it was just barely audible.

EDIT : Also, I didn’t give a fuck because I had no idea what was going on anyway.


People who laugh unrealistically loudly at mildly amusing stage banter at gigs, attention seekers. Also people who try and interact with those on stage unbidden


Apparently he’s also a deadbeat dad who’s not paying his child support as well.


what was the play?


the unrealistic loud laugh is one of the worst things. When people over laugh with each other at, say, a dinner i’m at, i want to burn the entire room down


“The Tempest”

And it wasn’t nearly as close to “Forbidden Planet” as I would have liked.


Lots of feeling irked, not much cringing/feeling sad ITT


Like when all your company directors/major shareholders get together and have a loud laughy meeting in the boardroom?


i’ve been in that situation before at the last place i worked. the boss was a sociopath and the senior management were all yes people/terrified of him.

so he’d tell an absolutely-not-funny joke and people would be banging the table while they laughed? who the fuck bangs a table ever?






i would respond in kind but you tend to get a little sensitive when i do ;D


That was it. I knew I’d read something somewhere.

What a prick.


It seemed to be a big thing in David Cameron’s Cabinet meetings…


I did actually feel kinda bad for pointing it out!


I think it was in comments on the local news- one person saying “hey that’s that guy who stole money from me” and someone else piping in with “he’s up in court with the CSA” and just this round of a few different people saying he’d ripped them off.


what i love most here is sexybum being humble enough to pretend he didn’t know what was going on or how to spell soliloquy


Saw right through me!



when you’re on a training day at work and there’s that one person who will not stop asking questions of the instructor and calls out answers without prompting and takes the activities really seriously. also, when the instructor asks if you want a shorter lunch so you can finish early, this person is always the one who says, “i need an hour for lunch because i’m a diabetic/lactose intolerant/whatever so if it’s alright with the class we’ll just finish at 5 instead of 4.15 cheers.”


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