Things that make you feel a bit unpleasant


Full roast eater hurt his tooth/jaw eating a biscuit over the weekend (rich tea finger - at least do it on something decent!) and has taken to wearing a gum shield at work. He removes it a lot and I think I can smell saliva mixed with gum shield rubber. It is making me feel a bit unpleasant.


Surinam Toad. Always the Surinam Toad


Got no issue with that whatsoever. Could eat my dinner watching that.


The worst of all these things is thick snot hanging from a child’s (or adult’s I suppose) nose.


Also: the sound of metal scraping across concrete. Reminds me of when we used to go to the beach and take our buckets and metal spades with us, and my brother would drag his along the floor as we walked down the promenade. This is the closest I can find to the sound. Totally sets my teeth on edge:


Sitting down on the loo for my morning purge and finding that the seat is still warm


The man behind me at work has a constant cough. As in, he’s been coughing since I started here about 18 months ago.

He doesn’t do a few coughs every so often. He only ever does one VERY LONG cough, a few times an hour.
It makes me feel a bit unpleasant.


My housemate hasn’t removed the stickers off wine glasses.
This makes me feel a bit unpleasant.


do we work in the same place. who are you


i’m the woman who gets annoyed at the person coughing every so often



As someone with a chest infection I have deep sympathy for this man. Last night I ended up sleeping semi-upright on the sofa to stop waking my family up.


But do you do like a few coughs to clear yourself?
He just goes (I can’t even really write the sound out?) ONE LOUD LONG COUGH

Also if you been coughing for well over a year, you need to go sort that shit out


Oh right you’re me


Mate you’ve had this for ages. Get back and see the General GP Practitioner.

Edit: and stop smoking the ganj (for a week or so).


I’m pulling all sorts of shit off but mainly trying not to release anything as I think I have torn some muscles from coughing so much and it is agony to even move. I puked through coughing on both Friday and Saturday night.


It seems that it is just the way it is from my reading. I feel slightly better today but if I am still fucked next week I will go back… doubt he will give me more anti-biotics though.


me too!


Haven’t touched that or booze since I have had it - hence I have realised how unbearable My Crazy Ex Girlfriend is.


I’d say the clue’s in the title.