Things that make you feel free


Noting makes me feel more free than buying a new pair of shoes, putting them on straight away and throwing the old ones I was wearingin the bin! Some shoe shops have shoe recycling bins - I was wondering if it was a thing or if people just bring in bags of old shoes. I hope it’s a thing and others love throwing the shoes they’re wearing away and wearing the new ones out the shop.


I like to strip off to have a shower and then go and do a poo or a wee before the shower whilst wearing no clothes.


Owning more than one pair of shoes.


Leaving the bathroom door open when I go for a wee.



  • being alone on a mountain/wilderness area

  • cycling/snowboarding really fast down a hill

  • other hill/mountain-related activities


How can you tell if you are alone on a mountain? Got some sort of panoramic vision? What a load of shit.


knowing that one day i’ll be in the cold, dead ground


Spidey sense. (Only works above a certain altitude- doesn’t work in Norfolk).



Climbing outdoors - feeling at one with nature, maaaaaaann


Being in a car driving off a ferry


naked pooing seems wrong. I know that it’s actually fine, but it just feels wrong


i have one of those water-purifying bottles for when i go hiking. it’s bloody well good! can drink any filth water from anywhere



A full tank of petrol in the car.


pissing in the sea


cycling with no hands


A road (I’m thinking particularly of a rural A road) with no traffic on it.


just generally not wearing any trousers