Things that make you feel old

Very many of my pop culture references are over 20 years old. As are many of my favourite albums.

Yesterday, I drove past a building in the town centre that is being demolished: I remember when it was built.


I remember watching this in black and white.


all of these are 20 years old this year

OK Computer
Ladies and Gentlemen we are floating in space
Attack of the Grey Lantern
Final Fantasy 7

That’s happened near Watford Junction station - a building that I am certain was less than a decade old has been knocked down and is about to be replaced by another nonsense office block.

  • My age
  • The many aches and pains in my body
  • Being constantly tired
  • Rapidly shrinking interest in new music
  • Wanting to go home as soon as we’re out

Young people


I went to a club last Saturday night. Jesus. Wept.

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Seeing a footballer play for England who was born after I went to university.

Seeing a building I worked on being demolished (it was a train station).

Looking in the mirror


My dad moved out of the house I grew up in 11 years ago and a year after that it was demolished and a massive 6 bedroom eyesore built in its place, which made me feel a bit sad. Two years ago, that was knocked down and an even bigger 8 bedroom eyesore was built in its place. Couldn’t give a fuck :+1:



  • generally never wanting to go out
  • going to bed at like 10pm
  • my grey hair
  • when i don’t want to finish my beer

My job in medical education. This year I wanted to send a note to all our applicants saying, “I’m sorry but you can’t train to be a doctor. You were born in the 90s. I’m just not ready to accept that.”


:scream: :scream: :scream_cat:


THIS. The scowl line I’ve developed between my eyebrows grows stronger everyday. I’m worried I’m on the way to looking not dissimilar to Gordon Ramsay :scream:

Seeing a picture on Facebook of my friends’ daughters when they must have been about 4 and 2 respectively, standing outside a newly-built Millennium Dome.

You’ll have had applicants who were born in the 2000s, if you deal with people applying for their first year at uni.

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I’ve bought anti-aging eye cream :anguished:

always think of ladies and gentlemen as being older than those others

The amount of time I have been alive.

Last year I went to see a band touring the 20 year anniversary of a album an I saw them tour around the release of (it was Terrorvision, they were great).

Not understanding what people at work are talking about - the average age of staff in my office is about 21. Also remembering things that happened to me in the year they were born, like passing my GCSEs.

Feeling the cold and not being able to go out in just a t shirt any more.

I’ve not been in a club for over a decade but it makes me feel old, realising that I’m probably older than the blokes who used to stand around at the bar at Metros when I was a student.

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