Things that make you feel old

The other weekend one of the hockey mums asked me if I was also one of the mums (was wearing normal clothes at this point). Was completely outraged at such a suggestion until I realised I was legally old enough to have a 13-16 year old :frowning:


My fringe will just get longer and longer until it’s completely covering my entire face and body. Example -


20 years old.



Bought that the day it came out ffs.


I’m using an anti-ageing moisturiser :grinning: / :disappointed_relieved:

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I got asked that the other week too (about being a dad though, not a mum). I’ve dropped down into one of our ‘development’ teams this year, which features a few dads & sons playing together. One of the dads is two years younger than me…

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People were still dancing to J-Kwon - Tipsy.

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I meant 2000s. Not only am I not ready to accept it I’m not even ready to type it.


Some of the kids in my team were born in 2003!!!

There was a trailer on the radio (TalkShit) the other day which noted that there are 3 players who have scored a hat trick in the Prem who were born after the Prem started. What the actual wtf?

Alright C+C Music Factory.

Next year, people who were born in the year 2000 will be legal adults :expressionless:

Were they still dancing to Tubthumping and Place Your Hands? Tipsy was out about a decade after I graduated I think!

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Generally everything, but realising I passed my driving test 32 years ago is big one!

Actually, fuck this. I refuse to feel old until I’m actually OLD. Like 90 or so :smiley: BYE.


Being born in 1999 and being 18 years old this year should not be a thing it offends me

I know ladies’ hockey tends to have a lot more school-age players at the higher levels, but I still had someone born in 2004 in my team the other week.


I’m pretty sure even at 29 that I can feel my recovery time slowing down and the aches piling up :confused:

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up yours grandads/grandmas!

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Almost went with ‘… go hmmm’ instead