Things that make you feel old

That’s just them. Loads of us are that age or younger on here and buy vinyl etc


Plausible, what with the Manics cover version (though that was fractionally later)

Actually spot on - it was first released on a War Child charity album in 1995, and I’m sure they were playing it live a lot on their 1996/97 tours.


Avoiding going to the barbers because I don’t want to have to wait about three days for my turn behind all the young men getting skin fades

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Frank Zappa was one year older than me when he died.

I don’t feel like I’ve done as much as he did yet.

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I’ve heard of about 3 things in here.

Went to an industrial heritage museum at the weekend, and there was a row of workers’ houses in historical styles, and seeing they went up to the 1980s made me feel pretty old, even more so for my wife whose mum still has this exact layout with newer identical furniture and fireplace in her front room.

Bonus points for spotting the item that doesn’t belong.


Is this St Fagans? They have a very similar terraced row, and the last one looks so much like my grandparents house

The hifi looks 90s to me.


The Riverside museum in Glasgow has a cabinet with my childhood in it


The carpet is nowhere near patterned enough for the era. But other than that - not sure? Is that Bop It in with the games?

I don’t intuitively know how much a chocolate bar is anymore


I was amazed this evening in Tesco when a bloke paid £14 for a packet of lambert and butler


No, it looks right. If it were a 90s midi system it would have a CD player.

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Those exact curtains are in my brother’s old bedroom! Don’t think they have been changed since we moved in in 1989

Was out for drinks with my team in work two nights ago. The 29 and 25 year olds had never heard of Ali G. We showed them pictures, still none the wiser.

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Remote for the telly.

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That’s not necessarily representative - I’m 29 and Ali G was residually massive in the school playgrounds of my yoof.


Don’t keep us guessing, what’s the anachronism?

vhs looks a bit modern? thought they were chunkier and metal in the 80s.

what’s the keyboard type thing on the cupboard/cabinet?

edit - oh is it a spectrum (2)?