Things that need inventing (or do they???)

Cat shovel to gently remove a sleeping cat from your lap

Anti-climate change machine as #2 on the list i guess.

Anything else?


Some sort of sturdy box that extends the more you put into it. It can start at shoebox size and end up at shipping container size depending on the contents.


Tried to find a cat shovel patent but got a load of results about “dog and cat faeces collecting device”, so thanks for that.


Does it shrink again when you take things out?

Yeah, of course.

“Does it shrink again when you take things out?”

What a fucking question. What would be the point if it didn’t? Jesus…


Pass the cat shovel please, im supposed to be wfh!

Think a hard rubber pizza peel-style model in a bit of soft fabric would prob do. Patent that for me please?


£350 in advance. A lot of my payments seem to be getting lost in the post for some reason.

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Just found it funny imagining you stuck with an empty shipping container but only needing it to store a pair of shoes in. That amused me because it would be inconvenient to you and make you look foolish.


A gun that doesn’t kill people but brings dead people back to life.


I’m afraid it’s only made you look foolish on accounts of the question that you asked.

I looked foolish before that, what’s your excuse?

A reviveler

A beautiful idea.

Imagine if our world leaders could approach life with this sort of creativity and attitude instead of the one that they currently approach life with.

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But yeah, you work on your fucking cat shovel.


Read the op, drongo!

I would be interested in a larger version of this ‘cat shovel’ for moving sleeping children from your lap.

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If you invent miniature foxes, I’ll take 1000. I need them for something I’m working on.


Your hordes of non dead will cause serious carbon emissions, nullifying the impact of my cat shovel/anti climate change device. Idiot.

My plan is to use them to kill the living.

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Ill neutralise THAT with my oppo-nuke. Take THAT balonz swimson