Things that need to be eradicated from society (keeping it light edition)


Saying bless you (or acknowledging a sneeze in any shape or form)


Flora Light
Cathedral City Light
Heinz Mayo Light


Standing in fucking stupid places, such as train station entrances, when people are trying to get past.


Fake kissing when you meet someone, whether it be a good friend, an acquaintance or a stranger that you’re meeting for the first time. As well as real kissing when you meet someone that you don’t actually love in any form whatsoever. I mean, I don’t know you, don’t care for you THAT much, so keep your lips away from me.


First class train carriages


Sandwich shops, bars, cafes, etc writing shit on blackboards outside their premises.


Social media.


Yeah i would say unnecessary* touching of anyone that you don’t love is a good one.

*like you can save someone from falling over or whatever


maybe actually you are onto something.

I sneezed in the street today and a woman walking next to me said ‘bless you’ and used it as an in to ask me all sorts of questions about myself, whether I’m married etc.



Automatic 10 or 12% service charges at restaurants

Everyone should tip but more organically


I am being the change I wish to see in the world and never acknowledge a sneeze


Australians. Lighthearted wink :wink:


Not this. All restaurants should have a set service charge added onto the bill.






People telling you to keep it light


I hate hard water, think it should be a human right to always bathe in soft water. Hard water must be eradicated, Balonz.


Nope. After a heavy fucking weekend in London I’m quite happy to pay the extra £20 for peace and quiet on the way back up the road.
I’m fact I wish they had a diamond class or something where we got shoulder massages and head rubs.


Ever drunk a cup of black tea made with hard water? It’s fucking rank and shouldn’t be allowed.


Why, in the year of our Lord 2018, am I still having to press enter after inputting my personal identity PIN into a cash machine? Bam this sick filth.