Things that need to stop


eric needs to stop posting!! etc

Calling stuff American __________ for me.

it’s over with, let it go.



in the name of love
before you break my etc


twee covers of songs
anyone covering ‘where is my mind’ ever again


Sex before marriage


i said keep it light!


international friendlies


@ericthefourth needs to stop posting


exploitation of humanity via wage labour slavery.


Fucking preach it, brother


Open letters


Idiots on my street/ surrounding streets putting bins in front of parking spaces to “reserve” them




podcast chat in the footie threads.


everything needing constant updates


King if limbs?


Cyclists at red lights!!


push notifications on my phone from easyjet that are just “flights to malaga in spring 2065 now on sale!!!”

i know i could turn them off but i haven’t, ok.


yes, great one!


Every service you ever use needing constant validation and reviews or whatever. Like for fuck sake, I bought an inflatable paddling pool for £2.99 online, and it arrived three days later and it works, who gives two fucks. A+++++ BEST SELLER ONLINE!!! Oh no I went to Halfords cos I’d run out of WD40, YES PLEASE RATE YOUR EXPERIENCE… I’d run out of WD40 and ten minutes later I’d got a new can of WD40 and it was easy to park I don’t fucking know, it’s not like Angus the work experience spod gave me a cheeky handy J while I waited or anything FUCK OFF.


the world is needy as fuck

(early smashing pumpkins draft etc etc)