Things that other things aren’t called but are considered default names for that thing



No dogs are actually called Fido are they?

No cats are actually called Tiddles are they?

Things that people think that are wrong (well apart from one person or group of people) but that person or group of people are almost certainly isn't you) - this is all one line fuck knows what it says

What a great thread!


Rover is another dog one. No dog is called Rover


John Hancock. Nearly every human has a different signature to that.


Anyone know a Fred Bloggs? A John Doe?

Thought not.


“Polly want a cracker?”

“His name is Eugene.”


Or Rex. No dog is called Rex.


old ladies are seldom called “marjorie” so fuck off lame radio 4 comedy panelist


Is High Street one? As in the main shopping street in a town would be referred to as the high street but probably isn’t actually called High Street


Its Joe Bloggs u dummy


there are no police constables with the surname “Plod”.


Woah, there’s a whole Wikipedia page on this




what a fucking piece



What if fido dido was so anthropomorphised that people did recognise he was a dog


Back when I was living in Brixton, I got into a taxi one night and said take me to Brixton High Street. He said “No such place”. I said “I live there, just take me to the high street in Brixton”. He said “There is no Brixton High Street, do you mean Brixton Road?”. I said yes and off he went.

Thing is, if I’d said Brixton Road, he’d have said “which part” as it’s a very long road. I said “Brixton High Street” to circumvent this confusion. What a penoid cunt that guy was, probably posts here.




@badcustard’s looking pretty fucking stupid right now. I suggest we internet-bully him?


Wondered why everything was run by acme in Looney tunes! Thanks I’ve learned something new


You guys have provided three awful counterexamples in places that are total shit while I have come up with an example of how badcustard is 100% right.