Things that out someone as a definite Tory


Wanting to own a house before the age of 30
Owning a house before the age of 30
Going on holiday to Dubai
Owning a second home
Using the words ‘hard-working’, ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ or ‘scrounger’

Anything else?


not liking Corbyn




Voting conservative in local/genera elections


sorry, but this is a bit silly. there is nothing wrong with wanting to own a home, at any age.


Hi (not a Tory)


Ban request


One of those big union jack top hats.


If I ever see someone fucking a pig, it’ll probably cross my mind that they must be tory.

A thread for quoting posts from other threads

Overuse of exclamation marks and emojis on social media


Classic Tory move, ^this


Enjoying/participating in The Great British Bake Off (or the pottery/sewing ones)



Nah, Tories are all about being freedom of speech bros and getting upset when things are deemed hate speech because POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is the scourge of modern society


Are you doing a skit of some sort?


Nah, just been reading comments sections too much recently :pensive:


Classic Tory reponse, ^this :wink:


Sorry Charles but private ownership of land is pretty much the bedrock of all everyone’s problems ever


…on some kind of student version of The Canary?


Using scissors to cut a pizza