Things that out someone as a definite Tory


Also how is people being hard-working equated with Tories? I mean you’ve read any communist propaganda ever, right?


Being called Xylopwn


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Riding a bike


Friends who like Conservatives


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  • Having someone in their family with the name Hugo
  • Cravat ownership
  • Knowing the threshold for inheritance tax

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Sitting on Henman hill
Being called Henman


I was sitting on henman hill a couple of months back, my name’s not henman though




That’s a misreading really. It’s not about being hardworking, it’s about using those phrases. It’s rare that someone who’s genuinely hard-working feels need to mention it. Someone who’s privileged as fuck, however, likes to use that phrase to try to obscure any feelings of guilt they might have.

That sort of person is usually a fan of the Tories.


Theo there are literally thousands of communist propaganda posters throughout history that emphasise that victory comes from the common man working hard. Thousands.


I think we’re talking about people in this country right now in 2016 and what marks them out as Tories. Actually find @imaperv’s comments interesting because they aren’t what I would classically mark out as Tory things but then my view is set in the 1980s.

(I am presuming you are talking about posters in countries like Cuba, USSR, China, North Korea etc. not Communist Party of Great Britain, etc.? And there’s obviously something to be said about how many of those regimes really represent socialist/communist ideals in anything more than name.)


Yes, I’m just being pernickety obv, mainly because the OP was somewhat nonsensical to me for reasons similar to yours.


Probably something to be said then about how there has never actually been a state that has represented communist ideals in anything more than name.


Absolutely, but I don’t have an exhaustive knowledge on the subject so can only mention those ones which seem to have fallen well short of the ideal even by my limited understanding of the philosophies involved.


Someone who through a combination of hard work but mostly fortune managed to move away from the council estate.

They may then scale the local clump and look down upon all those that either may be happy or hadn’t received the same fortune and criticise them for existing.


You dickheads are really stinking up what could be a perfectly decent slag off tories thread.