Things that people refuse to engage with you about on here

For me it is furniture:

(sorted the second one, thanks)

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Thought as much, you fucking turds!


The usual: cycling, footy, wrestling…

Oh when will I find someone to share these things with? When?

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You’ve ruined the thread!

But thank you.


Wassailing. We’re in peak wassailing season and yet… nothing from my so-called ‘internet friends’


Cemetery Junction

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I think every thread I’ve ever started on the music board has been ignored

it’s not really a music site though


shaving, seemingly

I could do with a chat about that.

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like, I started a thread asking for music theory book recommendations and hardly anyone replied

I’ve got grade five music theory because Miss Cameron would give us a penny sweet if we did the class at lunchtime.

I’ve lost the certificate though…

I think I replied!

I deff replied to something about music theory books recently

One of my best mates had Mandy living in her flat for a while few years back. How’s that for a hollyoaks fact? Wouldn’t let me meet her though


You did thanks, and I appreciate it. To be fair, I didn’t put my thread in the music board.


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what was the sweet like?

You would have had even less replies on there. It’s no coincidence that the gearwanker thread lives on the social board

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Not sure if you get them anymore. A lurid orb covered in fizzy sugar, not as solid as a boiled sweet.

Well worth an hour of anyone’s time.

I kind of want to ask for some hive mind advice on some inheritance I have coming, but am afraid of being labelled a tory (even though it is <£1000, still a bit tory probably).