Things that people think that are wrong (well apart from one person or group of people) but that person or group of people are almost certainly isn't you) - this is all one line fuck knows what it says

That their pet is the most intelligent pet to have lived

My dog was very clever but I would never have claimed he was the most intelligent pet to have lived.

Good thread Lonzy

The shit is going on with those brackets?


“I make a killer bolognese”


Is this thread a cry for help?


Once your OP gets longer than the box you can’t see it all so I abandoned it and hoped that the line below would make things clear.

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We’re all unique, xylo.

I think it’s pretty clear, sometimes people on the community seem wilfully obtuse about their interpretation of a thread title.

I was told “my dog could tell the time” the other day. And I said " yeah, how did it manage that" and the reply? "It would wait by the gate when my dad came home at 6.

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What a clever doggo!

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They were really poor growing up

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I would have enjoyed an exchange like that.

My canine nephew goes to the front gate at the same time every day on accounts of there’s a weird man who goes past and gives him a biscuit every day, my human nephew has tried the same with less success.

(My canine nephew is a pure idiot as well)


Also my wife’s old cat, Ginger, could ‘talk’.

my cat was pretty stupid

it was a good cat

Can I talk about Tiddles in this thread? Is this the #pets thread?

Yeah no one judges people for having a stupid pet. You are not responsible for their intellect.


Our cat is magnificent but she’s properly thick. Regularly falls over when washing herself.

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As long as he wasn’t a dunce.

Even worse, doesn’t exist.

No-one actually has a cat called Tiddles or a dog called Fido, do they?

I think this is probably harshest way of sticking it to Lonzo’s mum.