Things that people think that are wrong (well apart from one person or group of people) but that person or group of people are almost certainly isn't you) - this is all one line fuck knows what it says


That their pet is the most intelligent pet to have lived


that their children are remotely unique


My dog was very clever but I would never have claimed he was the most intelligent pet to have lived.

Good thread Lonzy


The shit is going on with those brackets?


“I make a killer bolognese”


Is this thread a cry for help?


Once your OP gets longer than the box you can’t see it all so I abandoned it and hoped that the line below would make things clear.


We’re all unique, xylo.


I think it’s pretty clear, sometimes people on the community seem wilfully obtuse about their interpretation of a thread title.


fine i shall change it to

• have achieved anything unique
• are even remotely interesting


I was told “my dog could tell the time” the other day. And I said " yeah, how did it manage that" and the reply? "It would wait by the gate when my dad came home at 6.


What a clever doggo!


They were really poor growing up


I would have enjoyed an exchange like that.

My canine nephew goes to the front gate at the same time every day on accounts of there’s a weird man who goes past and gives him a biscuit every day, my human nephew has tried the same with less success.

(My canine nephew is a pure idiot as well)


Also my wife’s old cat, Ginger, could ‘talk’.


my cat was pretty stupid

it was a good cat


Can I talk about Tiddles in this thread? Is this the #pets thread?


Yeah no one judges people for having a stupid pet. You are not responsible for their intellect.


Our cat is magnificent but she’s properly thick. Regularly falls over when washing herself.


As long as he wasn’t a dunce.